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Davidwrote a review of on September 18, 2014

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Familiarity: I've used it several times

I purchased the Permit with 580G silver mirror tint lenses a couple of months back and have overall been very impressed. I had heard plenty of good things about the Costa products - and have had other polarized glasses with poly lenses before (smith/spy). Those sunglasses were nice, and I still use them occasionally - especially when doing active things where there is more risk of damage than normal.

That said, what was important to me in purchasing my next pair of glasses was 1) fit, 2) optics quality 3)look 4)durability (I'm very careful with my gear - so this sometimes takes a backseat when looking at priorities - not to say they aren't durable.)

First impressions were good - I like the weight/feel/construction of the sunglasses - is the glass heavier than poly - sure, a little. Do I notice it - no. Is it uncomfortable - no? The fit is 'extra large' which I feel is perfect for my 'medium' size head. I definitely do not have a large head - I would say average - and I wanted a large fit for full coverage. The permits are great because they are big, without being oversized to the point of looking bug eyed. They also wrap around very nicely compared to some other large or x-large styles that extend straight out beyond the curvature of the face. The rubber grips are a really nice feature - they feel very secure on the face - I use a strap occasionally still, but even without they are awesome.

Lens optics are amazing. The silver mirror (which has the copper lens as a base) took some getting used to for me because I was very familiar with more standard dark grey type lenses. After letting the eyes adjust initially - and after using them consistently I can say that they are definitely much more optically pure than my previous poly lenses - super clear. Not too dark, but blocking enough light on bright days too. I really like the lenses.

Looks are subjective - my gf likes them.

Durability-time will tell. Hinges, lens mounting, finish seem durable.





Davidwrote a review of on April 11, 2011

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I found that the Outlaw is pretty nice - My first true ski pack, so take this review with a grain of salt..?

The pack was very comfortable. Skied enough days on it to comment on how stable it seemed in turns. Could be a bit lighter - but not a huge deal for me. No complaints about the fit or fit adjustments.

I really dig the color and the simple graphics.

The pack has really basic pockets and compartments for all your stuff. Basic is all you need - Keeping it simple is a big plus here.

The ski mount system works well. Solid hold and no issues.

The only negative I can think of would be the durability of the material... No signs of wear yet - but compared to some other packs out there, the canvas material does not seem as abrasion resistant. As of right now - everything looks good however. If any changes - I'll try to update on the damage.

The only reason this pack is not getting 4 stars is because nothing really stood out as awesome... Everything was just overall solid/good.

I will continue to wear this pack for a long time I am sure. I would recommend it if you are looking for a larger volume, reasonably priced, comfortable, full featured pack, this is probably a good one for you...





Davidwrote a question about on January 25, 2011

So maybe a dumb question... but I have a Sierra Designs 3 season tent (meteor light), which i really like. I have been doing several winter trips with that tent since I have owned it. However, i only go out if I know temperatures will be staying above 0F.

How much warmth / weather protection does a 4 season tent REALLY add?

I live in Minnesota and camp the north shore and boundary waters - so temps can really dip to the -20F range with wind and snow. I have a pretty good set of gear, but am wanting to be a little more daring in the weather I set out in.

Is the purchase of a tent like this worth the extra protection - particularly being 'warmer' than a 3 season?