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David T. Berryhill

David T. Berryhill

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David T. Berryhill

David T. Berryhillwrote a review of on December 6, 2004

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Do you know how whenever you buy new shoes there is always that break-in period. I like to call that "the fight". I've had my XCR's for about 4 weeks now, and to be honest, the first time I put them on I thought I might have met my match. However, I was determined to win this one because I knew that once the will of the shoe gave way it would be not only an enjoyable, but a quality experience as well.
The fight took place at the top of the tongue of the shoe, where the last lace holes are. The pressure applied to the top of my foot was noticeable; so much so that for the 1st 30 hrs. of wear I could only lightly tie the shoe strings.
Eventually the shoe succumbed to the will of my feet and they fit quite well. The best part about them is that they keep my feet dry when necessary. And when needed, they dry out relatively quick. They are comfortable and I am quite optimistic that they will last beyond what I am accustomed to from lesser shoes.