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David Kettlewell

David Kettlewell

David Kettlewell

David Kettlewell wrote a review of on November 11, 2011

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I am a Mountain Hardwear afficionado, having purchased many items over the years, originally for technical use (mountains) but then I found I wore my MH gear daily.

Maybe you're the same.

Recently purchased Mountain Tec Jacket, here are my impressions.

Well, first, for the simple's a jacket with no hood, so if you want a shell or hooded jacket, try another product.

Butt....for me, use of a hat is a good solution, especially if you have hats from the baclava to a full eared Alaskan fur hat.

Exception...downpours, but I'm not in them much and when I get there I find shelter.

As 60% of heat loss is from your head and neck, you'd be surprised what a baclava and fur hat can do to keep you warm, even in really cold weather. A light down or fleece vest under this jacket will take you into some chilly weather in comfort.

Ok, so let's keep going... among jackets from MH and other manufacturers, it's the best I've found:
if you've owned Mountain Hardware gear you're used to functional fit, which means the fabric is cut to fit the way clothing drapes on your body.

Good gear hangs on you with no pulling, this you'll get.

Big plus...collar is nice and soft around your chin, having a soft fabric lining the inside of the collar, with a soft rolled edge all around.

(Chin and neck comfort are always a key comfort point on outdoor gear).

It's 39 degrees tonight, going into winter and it was plenty warm with a hat on.

The fabric has a bit of give and flex, which I've found is always another major factor to optimize comfort.

Best thing about this gear is that it breathes enough to keep you from feeling clammy, better than other jackets, much better actually.

I love man made fabrics, but inability to breathe can be an issue, and I mean standing and walking around, not just when exerting.

Full zipper at front means you can keep comfortable in any situation, and has underarm zips too which I use when I'm huffing and puffing.

Now to be fair in really cold weather only a full bore parka with hood will do, with snowpants and maybe fleece top and bottom or poly underwear, monster hat and lined cloves (don't discount the ability of surgeon's rubber gloves to help on really cold days...try it) but for most daily use, this jacket is the bomb.

Good looks around town, enough technical capability to be part of your mountain hiking kit, and a price that seems about right to me.

A down coat will be warmer, but I'll bet too warm for daily use in all but really cold weather.

Fleece is nice, but watch out for wind. The Mountain Tec Jacket will handle winds with ease.

It also looks good, as in stylish, and I'll take that when I can. I wear mine with a cowboy hat, but suit yourself there.

So if you want your outdoor gear to double as fashion statement of sorts (of course utilitarian) with technical mojo, this is it.