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Dave Gardner

Dave Gardner

Perfect North Slopes, Ohio.

Dave Gardner's Bio

My names Dave Gardner, From Cincinnati, Ohio. I ride on a 300yd resort called Perfect North Slopes. I work as a lifty. I have been boarding since i was 15, I am trying to move out to Colorado/Utah. After graduating college i plan on getting into snowboard filming. Crossing fingers. But i love having fun, on and off the snow.

Dave Gardner

Dave Gardnerwrote a review of on January 25, 2011

5 5

Whats up Shredders. I got this camera for Christmas. Slick, Slick, Slick. Ive taken it out snowboarding multiple times. Still need to figure out all of the stuff on it. But , it is very east to use. Not only is it a Video Camera. Go ahead and take a snapshot of your favorite jump. Or take 3 pictures a second. It has it all, in a camera that doesnt even way a half a pound. I plan on using this not only for snowboarding, but also for dirtbiking. I want to take it wakeboarding, but i need to research how waterproof the casing is. Ive seen videos of people using it surfing. but just to be safe. Snag one of these up if you have the money, No regrets. SICK!!!!!