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Dante Monteverde

Dante Monteverde


Dante Monteverde's Passions

Hiking & Camping

Dante Monteverde's Bio

Born in Chicago. I grew up learning to ski on landfills in the Midwest. At 18 I moved to Colorado and learned to ski powder. Injuries and age have forced me out of the terrain park, now I enjoy skiing powder and dropping cliffs. I don't mind hiking and climbing to find good lines to ski. For more video's visit my YouTube Channel: YouTube.com/user/dantemonteverd

Dante Monteverde

Dante Monteverdewrote a question about on January 17, 2012

Climbing Skins for Rocker 2's?

I know the consensus from the Q & A below seems to be go with 130MM Climbing Skins for Rocker 2's.

Would 125mm be to narrow?

Also... Can anyone recommend a climbing skin brand they would go with that fit the Rocker 2's the best? Which tail attachments work best?

For someone only doing short climbs, 1-2 hours tops usually less. What material type would you go with?

I have had some bad experience with some tail attachments in the past. And I have never cut skins for rocker skis before so any help would be much appreciated!



Dante Monteverde

Dante Monteverdewrote a question about on February 22, 2011

I want to buy these ski's. However, I need help! What kind of bindings can I mount on them? I want to mount BD Diamir Fritchi bindings on them. However these skis are so wide at the underfoot, they don't make a brake that wide. What can I do? Are there custom brakes out there?

Also, are their climbing skins available for such wide ski's? Or would you guys recommend not cutting skins for such a wide ski b/c it will be to difficult to climb with these skis?




0 Answers