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Daniel  D.

Daniel D.

Daniel  D.

Daniel D.posted an image about on July 22, 2018

Chronicle adjustment for headband

Location of adjustment to raise or lower head band on Giro Chronicle helmet is there but not explained in instructions!

I saw that a couple of people said the helmet liner/adjustment band rested on their ears. I had a similar issue, where the head band laid just above my ears and was uncomfortable sometimes if I moved my head up or down. I found an adjustment (right hand side of photo, black u-shaped peice) that I could slide up with a small flat head screwdriver. I pushed it all the way up (2 notches, it was originally set in the middle) and it helped lift the headband from the top of my ears. Way more comfortable after that.
Limited instructions with the helmet (had to stumble upon that headband height over the ears adjustment, I didn't see it in the instructions).