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Dani C

Dani C

So far I have been to Wintergreen, Massanutten, and just got back from Killington in Vermont

Dani C's Bio

SOO my story so far is not at alll exciting. I am a SUPER beginner and I have always wanted to try snowboarding just never had the chance. Well I now have an amazing BF who LIVES AND LOVES snowboarding and is crazy good.

So I finally got my chance that I can try it, except the reality of it is I am 26 and had a total hip replacement about two years ago and have no right to even try it, but I am way way too stubborn and I am a sports girl all the way so I decided to try it out even with it being a really really stupid idea with my hip (luckily I have been 3 times and have yet to hurt my hip at all)

Our first trip to Wintergreen in VA I tried for over an hour and was not even able to stand up on the board because of my hip and my legs are not very strong at the moment, and I got so frustrated I gave up.

Well I am not quitter and I was determined I could do this, so 4 days after Wintergreen we went to Massanutten Va and again I had the same trouble getting up that I sort of quit after 30 min. and then got a good pep talk from my BF and FINALLY I was able to get up, the only thing is we decided that maybe I should try to start on my knees to push myself up and I did it, and I was soo exited just to be able to stand up on the board. So my first time down took a WHILE and it was not because it was a long trail its because I fell every two seconds, so I just kept going and going and the second time I actually was able to ride more then a few second and it was AMAZING, the only bad part is, I cannot stop so I fall, and I don't just fall, I eat it HARD my bf describes it as "kamikaze" falling because I fall soo HARD and crazy that my beanie and goggles would fly off my head and land like 20 ft away haha, but I still had the best time, it was awesome, but I will say almost am entire week after I was so sore I felt like I got hit with a truck, I mean I even had the worst whiplash in that I could barely turn my head for a few days, but it was worth it.

My third time going was this past week, I went with my Bf's family to Killington in Vermont. It was really fun and I live in VA and I have never been or seen anything like Killington (my family is a tropical Vaca family) so just taking in how beautiful it was, was enough for me, but I did go one day. It was again awesome but since I am still a super beginner I fell hard a lot and Killington's greens were way steeper and longer then the ones I had been to in VA so it was a little more challenging for me and I wish I could have gone at least one more day, but I decided it best I didn't because first, I am so stubborn I had emergency surgery on a friday night at 11pm and then got in my car on sunday at like 7pm and drove non stop to Killington which was about a 13 hour drive by myself and in the middle of the night so I really wasn't very recouped from surgery and when I did go I ended up somehow pulling a muscle or something in my bad him and we thought I might have torn my rotator cuff, but luckily after a couple days I felt much better but I decided to be good and just not snowboard for the rest of the week. So it sucked a little I made a sort of crazy dumb move driving the 13hrs by myself and not even 48 hours after having surgery to snowboard a day, but again it was worth it.

So we just got back home in the middle of the night last night, and I am ready to go try again, but everyone keeps telling me to take some lessons, so I have decided I think I am going to do that, because I would like to be able to get the hang of of it pretty well, so we will see how that goes!!

Soo not sure how this Bio thing works, but I would LOVE all the help and pointers I can get!!

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