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Danwrote a review of on May 1, 2012

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I bought this softshell recently to replace an aging marmot Sharp Point Jacket I purchased back in 2006. That jacket had served me well and I would probably be still using it today if not for the fact that the zipper finally gave out. It survived 6 years of hard use and nearly constant wear. Replacing it with a new Marmot Sharp point jacket was an easy decision.

The new marmot sharp point (I got mine on closeout and I believe its a fall 2011 model)is very similar to my old sharp point jacket. Same bomb proof construction, gore windstopper, DWR finish, and pit zips as the previous model. I am glad that these features haven't changed as the windstopper performs really well providing both moderate breath-ability and high wind resistance and the pit zips are essential for venting excess heat. The material is extremely durable and on my previous jacket had survived numerous trips though heavy brush. It has even survived thickets of thorny brush like catclaw acacia and mesquite unscathed.

How does the new generation of sharp point jacket differ from my old one? Marmot has changed the fit of this jacket to a more trim, athletic styling. I find this is both good and bad. The older jacket had wider arms and was cut wider around the torso. While the old jacket provided plenty of room for layering the new jacket is a much tighter fit with heavy layers. I actually prefer the more athletic cut along the torso of the jacket, but I wish they had left more room in the arms to accommodate bulkier layers.

I love this jacket! I would highly recommend it to anyone in the market for a softshell.