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Dag Lindwall

Dag Lindwall

Dag Lindwall

Dag Lindwallwrote a question about on March 20, 2010

I'm thinking about buying this in stainless/black.

Will there be any problems shipping to Stockholm, Sweden? I'm thinking like a lot of duty tax (can you ship it as a gift?) and stuff like that.
The watch costs equivalent to 840$ in Sweden which is just ridiculous so I would really like to buy it from you guys.

Damn it, I got my answer a bit further down the page...with "right now" do you mean that you used to be able to ship outside the US? Why can't you do it at the moment?
As I mentioned earlier the prices on this watch in Sweden are just silly, more than twice of what it is in the US, so any help regarding getting this from somewhere else is appreciated.