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Northeast US


DRStevenswrote a review of on February 23, 2014

A bit heavy, especially at the tips
4 5

Familiarity: I've used it several times

Got the 156 to replace a 154 Arbor Blacklist which I broke after a season. I was looking for something which would allow me to put more weight into presses and this fit the bill.

This is my first C2/hybrid camber board and I love how it carves. Before the blacklist I had a 2011 Nitro Rook (which I still think is the best board I've ever ridden). The Forest handles the chop much better than either of these. I'm very impressed with the pop it has too. Last weekend I did a few runs on my friend's brand new Skate Banana towards the end of the day and it was very noticeable how much better the Forest handled the not-so-smooth conditions of a crowded east coast mountain. After appreciating the hold of the grip-tech, Arbor's version of magnetraction, I was skeptical of the toned down mag on this board. I really like it though. My main complaint with the grip-tech/mag is that it grips a bit too well and often results in bouncing when coming to a hard and fast stop on heel side edge. The Forest does not suffer from this problem and coming to a stop on heelside edge is much smoother.

After three days on this, my only complaint is the weight. It is noticeably heavier than not only the 154 Arbor Blacklist (which is to be expected), but also my 156 Nitro Rook which I have set up with an identical pair of 2012 Cartels. The weight difference, if any, was not noticeable between the 156 Forest and my friends 2014 159 Skate Banana. The Banana is quite a bit easier to spin though. I'm still not completely used to the weight of the Forest yet and I occasionally have a bit of trouble getting the Forest all the way around while doing 3's off of rollers. After almost a full day of riding the Forest, I was able to spin my friends 159 Banana no problem. My guess is that there is some extra weight towards the tips in order to produce the camber. I assume this extra weight also helps the Forest deal with the bumps too though.