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DAVID D.wrote a review of on May 23, 2012

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Bought this tent last week; and it has already been returned! first, the odd size of the footprint makes this a 2 person tent, there is no way 3 men are sleeping in this with some gear. the true measurement is 56" at each end and 87-88" long (spec says 91"), sure it is 77" at the widest part (specs say 81) but that is in the center which is a wierd shaped triagle portion of the floor on each side. with that said, the tent itself is of poor scoop vents on top, but there are 2 at each flat(vertical) end that do not secure in the closed position and you have to exit the tent to open or close with a small velcro covered rod. There are only 2 guy out points on the entire fly (they are above the vents),would never trust this tent to stand up to any major wind. there are only two points that secur the fly to the frame via small velcro tabs, which are right above the vents on the fly. it would not take much wear from wind shifting the tent or fly to have the clips rub right tru this fly. the vestibule is worthless. if you open up the fly while you are in the tent and try to exit and it is raining ; YOU WILL GET RAIN IN THE TENT. a good portion of the FLY door opening extents over the opening of the main tent. bottom line: you are better off spending a few extra bucks on a better 2 man tent then this. if you truly need a 4 season tent for extented stays or extream conditions, this is not for you.