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D. Schonbrun

D. Schonbrunwrote a review of on January 24, 2011

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Just bought them after demoing and used them in an intermediate WI course. They are very light... some may want to add massolettes for pure WI, esp if the ice is brittle/hard. For alpine, they are wonderful in Piolet Panne, Canne, and Manche; particularly on moderate alpine slopes (30-60 degrees). On WI 5, or getting over bulges, I found the Nomic's to be slightly better. Given that I wanted an all around tool for vertical and lower angle ice... the Quark's were a better fit. I found that for Alpine or WI, the trigger rest is best raised up about 1-2 inches above the orange plastic. You don't need the trigger finger if you're in pure ice. For mixed, the trigger is helpful to place delicately and to rotate. The moveable Trigger Rest is lovely... very flexible and comfortable. Hopefully it will hold up and not break if/when it impacts Ice. I'm a bit worries about how much material there is below the holes at the bolt... seems thin and apt to cracking in cold conditions if impacted. We will see in time if this becomes and issue. I used the tools leashless most of the time, and with a Grivel elastic leash system (worked well). I'd recommend these tools to anyone looking at alpine and WI/M 2-4 as their principal interests. For WI/M 5+, I think there are better choices.