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Cyphus_Robowrote a review of on March 18, 2011

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This hooded sweatshirt does serve its purpose. It is warm and light to wear on the top half of your body. The material itself has no areas where the cold draft can penetrate and cause a chill on ur spine. It has pure blockage of that sort.

The hooded sweatshirt does not cause an amount of heat discomfort generated by the body heat of your own body, with the eradication of sweating if light clothing is worn underneath the hooded sweatshirt. It is a loose fit, not slight in being tight. If you want a tighter fit, I would recommend you go down a size. The hooded sweatshirt is an eye turner if co-ordinated well with color matching clothing similar to a feature colored wall. The sweatshirt also looks great with a beanie on top as well, regardless of color chosen by a customer. It does snuggle around your chest and feels great on the body.

Overall I am definitely pleased with this purchase. I highly recommend it.