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Craigwrote a review of on January 29, 2012

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I have had two pairs of these poles. I bought them because I was told they are the strongest poles on the market. I broke the first pole 2 days into the West Coast Trail, the second pole broke two days after that. The first pole folded on itself at the bottom (sideways) and the second pole broke at the binary lock at the bottom. The binary lock quickly became dirty and I suffered similar problems of the mechanism jamming.

I returned the poles upon my arrival in town and replaced them with another set. I broke the first one of those poles on my first ski tour with them. It survived 2.5 days of skiing before it broke.

I have since returned them for a pair of 2 piece Komperdell poles that are going strong after many ski tours and hiking trips.

I'm not a big guy at 170lbs, but I found these poles to be EXTREMELY easy to break. Given the high pricepoint ($130 retail) I'm extremely disappointed with these poles.