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Craghopper's Passions



Craghopperwrote a review of on July 11, 2011

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Minus one star only because the price seems a little high. This did a super job cleaning my well-used climbing rope. My rope had a few couple-foot-long sections of black grunge on it and I was concerned the dirt and muck would start working its way into the sheath if I didn't clean it. The Beal Rope Brush was easy to use-- just twist it onto one end of the rope, hold your rope under water (mild soap optional) and start moving the brush back and forth. I used it by moving the brush in one direction for a few feet, then reversing direction going over the same section of rope, and then once more reversing direction, so each inch of rope got brushed over three times. Really easy, all the black gunk came off, and the sheath looks like new again. The coil of the brush stretches out as you're running the rope through it to clean (no problem), but then reforms its nice compact coil shape with just a little firm push once you're all done.