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Collette Vaughan

Collette Vaughan

The Wasatch and The Pacific Ocean

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Collette Vaughan

Collette Vaughanwrote a review of on July 15, 2008

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I've been asked before what the piece of gear is that I simply would NOT be able to live without, it's my Kaenon's. I own four pair. You've never seen your world this crisp and clear, and you've probably never looked as cool or been as comfortable as you will be in Kaenon's. The Georgia is a full frame, but not sight limiting like some wrap arounds. Yes, they are stylish, but the most functional pair of shades I've ever owned. I was introduced to Kaenon's in the sailing world, they are amazing at reducing glare on the water and for anyone who spends time in the white fluffy stuff, they are superb for you too! They fit well with my helmet, skiing or biking, and despite how hard I try to scratch them...failure. There isn't a scratch on my Georgia's yet and they are almost a year old. Go ahead, check out the world through a Kaenon lens - you won't be sorry you did!