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Colin Bayley

Colin Bayley

Colin Bayley

Colin Bayleywrote a review of on February 15, 2011

4 5

Seem to be pretty durable and water proof so far, I am liking them. My two complaints: 1)The strap securing system at the top of the calf isn't the easiest thing to fasten, especially if you are wearing gloves. It's a little hard to tell if you have the little latch all the way down or not. That being said, I haven't had any issues with it loosening up. 2)I am a little leery of the strap that goes under the boot; I feel like if something gives out, it will either be the strap itself or the buckle.

So far, so good. They keep the snow, water, and mud out and keep my feet much dryer (and thus warmer).