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North Cascades, Olympics, Mt. Rainier, B.C.

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Hiking & Camping

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I grew up winter camping in Maine, so the PNW climate is really quite pleasant in comparison. I moved here in 1996 to live among these mountains and glaciers where I now climb, ski, snowboard, backpack, flyfish, and more. I am especially fascinated by avalanches, and have dedicated myself to learning and teaching snow safety with the intention of sharing amazing and safe backcountry experiences with others.


Colwrote a question about on October 4, 2009

How well does this pack carry avy gear? It seems like a shovel would have to be broken down (handle/blade), and even then might not fit into the outside pocket when the pack is full. Is there a pocket inside for probe/saw/shovelblade? Would you recommend this or a Silo 40 for hut touring & icefield traverses? I wish they hadn't put the side zipper on the Arrakis 50!