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North Cascades, Olympics, Mt. Rainier, B.C.

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Hiking & Camping

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I grew up winter camping in Maine, so the PNW climate is really quite pleasant in comparison. I moved here in 1996 to live among these mountains and glaciers where I now climb, ski, snowboard, backpack, flyfish, and more. I am especially fascinated by avalanches, and have dedicated myself to learning and teaching snow safety with the intention of sharing amazing and safe backcountry experiences with others.


Colwrote a review of on October 14, 2009

Sets a New Standard
5 5

This is absolutely the best jacket I have worn in the winter. It was my first Arc'teryx product, and since then I've tried most of the different models, as well as others from many brands. I am sad they don't make this anymore... so I bought a second one. The first is still holding up great and is my primary severe winter weather shell. It fits really well, has all the features I need, and none that I don't.

I usually only wear a wicking T-shirt underneath (I run hot), and almost never sweat or get chills. It has just enough insulation, the wind does not penetrate, and as long as I maintain the DWR finish (try Grangers XT Proofer!), water always beads off. I do use the pit zips on the up track to vent heat (crucial for a softshell with a membrane).

The best feature of this jacket (at the top of a long list) is the Storm Hood. It has better coverage than all my other Arc'teryx jackets except Alpha SV. I like the newer Venta SV, but the Drop Hood does not work nearly as well. This one fits perfectly over my big ski helmet and smaller climbing helmet, and makes me feel like a mountain elf when I am not wearing one. It adjusts perfectly and turns side to side. It also rolls up well and stays put around my neck if I don't want it (if I'm wearing this jacket, I usually want my hood up). Please, Arc'teryx, make more of this design! Maybe the newer Fury SV is the next generation?





Colwrote a question about on October 4, 2009

How well does this pack carry avy gear? It seems like a shovel would have to be broken down (handle/blade), and even then might not fit into the outside pocket when the pack is full. Is there a pocket inside for probe/saw/shovelblade? Would you recommend this or a Silo 40 for hut touring & icefield traverses? I wish they hadn't put the side zipper on the Arrakis 50!