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Christopher Pask

Christopher Pask

Christopher Pask

Christopher Paskwrote a review of on December 1, 2012

5 5

I bought this jacket and love it!

It feels so light and doesn't over-encumber you. Previous jackets I have owned needed to be puffy and lined with extra stuff to keep you warm, while this jacket feels like an ordinary shell jacket in weight but instantly heats up. The T.D.S regulates your own body heat to keep you warm. I put this on at home to show my girlfriend and was instantly sweating.

The inbuilt face mask is pretty cool. It sits inside the hood, behind your head. It can be easily pulled over your head, onto your face, then tightened at the back of the hood with a simple elastic drawstring. You can remove it also, if you prefer wearing your own. But you don't really feel it inside your hood anyways.

I bought a size Large, and I'm only 5'8" but I'm a solid guy at 90kg and large shoulders and chest. Usually wear pants that are a size 36. I still have room for layering. But I doubt layering will be required often, because this jacket is warm!

The jacket also has a few safety features if you like to rock the back country. Recco is a cool thing I never knew about, where a Recco chip is stitched into the jacket. All reputable ski resorts have Recco detectors. So you can feel a little safer if you want to stray from the regular track. The zipper is a whistle... Sick as! So if you have a shoulder blowout like I did, you can blow that bad boy until someone comes and helps you. Or you can whistle tunes on the lifts, annoy your mates, or get the attention of snow bunnies you want to impress

If you want to get a jacket, and want to feel reassured you are wearing something with a great warranty and life expectancy, this is the one! It does it all! And you look cool, feel safer, feel warmer and feel dryer. This is the jacket for anyone who wants the best.

I hope this helps you out :)