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Chris Smith

Chris Smithwrote a review of on September 17, 2011

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i just lit mine after 2 months short of being in storage for 22 years -(early Aug '11) nada problem - mind you i did store the tank w/ a load of amoco unleaded premium - just dumped that into my grill for an evening meal (and my storage bucket for old fuel) - fillled it back w some knockdown Colemans i bought a couple few years ago (oh it pains me - they had 33 g cans at 1.99 each and i was too cheap to buy it all.)
the little guy fired right up and no problems for 4 days for 3 of us - and we do like to eat and drink coffee- stationery campsite fishing.
Good piece of kit and MSR is outstanding in their customer service!
the same time we were going on this trip i pulled out the dromedary that we bought back in 89 - we packed some beverage into our campsite and had to throw the potatoe juice away -bad taste - MSR replaced - no questions asked!! after 22 years.
you cannot get any better than that!!
outstanding product back-up
and we have 2 river bags that we bought when we were going 'way up N back in 88/89 and used them on this trip and they are still supple and waterproof!
I could not recommend MSR more highly.
they might be from up there in the liberal tight corner of the country - but their products and especially their customer service are second to none - good old fashioned do it the right way!!
but that will never compensate for someone who doesn't get that O-rings dry out if they are stored dry - you can't compensate for that....course they could send a bottle nipple; some dry enfamil; and a couple o-rings with some silicone grease in the zip-lock... or maybe some RPJ - that might give a hint...wish i could have been in that guys' trash bin - ohhh - sorry his recycle bin. You just cannot compensate for ignorance ( sorry for insulting you - but this is supposed to be - i trust - a fair review of products and the companies that supply them - without apologizing to the users: - this has been my experience - great company and fine products) gee whiz i forgot - you need to add the water to the enfamil to the guy who trashed two from being wore out from storing.