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Chris Chinman

Chris Chinman

Chris Chinman

Chris Chinmanwrote a review of on August 15, 2012

Grand Canyon Workhorse
3 5

So in a nutshell - MIXED REVIEW - great shoe in terms of footing, security (never had to worry about it coming off), durability. However, in an environment where small rocks, dirt, sand etc can get caught in the shoe and it mixes with the Colorado River, it became its downfall. I was climbing on and across slippery, loose, narrow and challenging surfaces and the shoe performed well however the heel allowed in debris that caused cuts, blisters on both heels and under one foot. In certain environments there is not an opportunity to dump out the shoe. I would consider returning them (need to read return policy) as my son used a pair of Columbia shoes (similar design) which performed very well but provides mesh around the entire shoe and he escaped without any foot issues.