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Chiefs rip

Chiefs rip

Chiefs rip

Chiefs rip wrote a review of on June 18, 2009

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First of all Doug Coombs was tough as nails, so I'm not calling him a liar by saying it's incredible he endorsed this company. Some things I've bought from this company have been "just okay", most have just outright sucked.

I remember unintentionally holding a 3 year old midweight Patagonia polypro next to a 6 month old Marmot one after a ski season and thinking out loud "wow, the Marmot one is trashed, and after 3 seasons the Patagonia still looks brand new...".

To be sure, the Precip was never intended to be a "high-end" piece, but you still shouldn't expect it to f-ing leak like an f-ing collander either. You could stay drier on a hike with a waxed farm-hand jacket.
in the past, I've had Patagonia and Mtn Hardware lightweight rain jackets w/ each company's proprietary name (H2no & conduit, I believe). After many hard years those jackets finally bit the dust, so I decided to cheap out and pay 99 of my earned bucks on the Precip. Then I trudged through rain for 4 days, with a 60 lb pack, my skin cold, wet, slimy, my demeanor ranging from humiliated, to surly, to really pissed off.

Right away I noticed the breathable membrane is too thick and heavy, and even feels clammy when it's completely dry. With a light rain and moderate sweating the jacket becomes useless. Sure it keeps the wind off, but that's about it. If you're looking to be angry, clammy and chilled, by all means, buy the Precip. Otherwise spend the extra money and get the Mtn Hardware Typhoon; even in downpour it has kept me dry.

In general, I think Marmot has missed the train; even TNF makes better stuff.