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Cheryl Zeller

Cheryl Zeller

Cheryl Zeller

Cheryl Zellerwrote a review of on August 26, 2012

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I have used several Keen products and loved them but these boots sucked big time!
I bought the half size larger as recommended by others on the web site, should have bought a full size larger.
I bought these boots as an upgrade from my other more casual Keen hiking boots because I was going on a big 6 day backpacking trip in the Sierras near Mt Whitney.
Wore them around the house before my trip and the fit seemed fine (all my other Keen products never needed a break in period).
On the second day of my trip the top of the boot started rubbing on my ankles causing a bruise. Now I've got to wear them without the tops tied and now no ankle support, that was one of the reasons for the upgrade!
By day 4 I've got huge open sores on my left ankle (even with Second Skin band aides) and a nice big bruise on my right.
The hiking was intense high altitude terrain mostly up and down hiking over Mount Whitney. By day 5 the boots no longer fit my feet, my toes were jammed at the end of the boot causing extreme pain.
I had my Keen sandals with me and was able to hike out in those despite the fact the stitching was coming out on those, another disappointment with Keen manufacturing.
Keen needs to get their sizing under control so all their products are true to size. How hard can it be to make a size 8 really a size 8? As far as I know US sizes are supposed to be universal in all shoe types and all my other Keen products were true to size.
What has Keen changed in their production to screw this up?
I'm sorely disappointed in Keen and will hesitate to purchase another Keen product in the future.