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Charlie McVea

Charlie McVeawrote a review of on April 30, 2012

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Mississippi River Canoe Solo - Departing early August. These are great bags. I have used them on several gear checkout trips and they are perfect, water tight, low profile, etc. So tight they even work as a great pillow in the tent. I have spent the last two years testing gear and have found so much BS on the Internet by way of reviews it's become exhausting, but these are the real deal. I'm also taking the Pro Pack for the volume and portage. Granted the closure isn't as watertight, but most of the time your suspposed to be IN the canoe, and the closure of the Pro Pack is very good and remains well above the bottom of the canoe with normal water accumulation. I've tried several top brands which are good, but for me, these are my choice.