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Charles Nadal

Charles Nadal

I currently live curtrently in Oklahoma, But I have packed New Mexico's Sangre De Christo for years. Utah, Colorado and Wyoming too

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Hiking & Camping

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Backcountry flyfishing is my passion, I hike I ride I will even paddle to get in there. I love road biking, but nothing beats the serinity of a backpacking trip into the backwoods

Charles Nadal

Charles Nadalwrote a review of on March 18, 2012

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ok yeah so this bag is super freakin lightm almost like its not there! I have only used it twice since I got it so I am not to0tally sure about this bag. it IS very comfortab;e I toss and turn alot, and its great for flexing and it really moves with you. the Hood fantastic, it fits like a skull cap made of down. nice the strech is great too, I can cross my legs and sit indian stylwe if I want to. and it packs super small. I mean small, think smaller than a nerf football small. ow for the unsures.
I have used this bag twice, first night, I was out and I knew it was going to get cold, I bought a sea to summit thermalite liner and figured I would bring it too. ( total dissapointment , but thats a different review and I WILL be SENDING IT BACK) anyway, I had on thermals, top and bottom, wool socks and I sleep in a BA insulated air core mat, I cot cold, I survived with no frostbite, but I was not comfortable, it did however get down to 23 that night, but I think the temp rating is a bet on the generous side, I was ina hubba hubba tent on a pad in a 30 degree bag with the liner mentioned above fully clothed at 23 and I was cool. not like the Fonze either! so I was a little let down.
the next nite was a little beter but temps were not so low, and I felt much bettter(36 degrees if I remember right) so...
next trip, I slept in sierra designs lightyear, same mat, but this time in a fleece jacket socks boxers and same pad. I was better, got a little cool around 4:30-5 am but not as bad, temps 24 degrees. ot sure what uhmidity was on eother, or wind factors or chill. so I am still unsure of the temp rating at this point, I like the bag dont get me wrong, but it has 10 ounces of 800 down, is that a realistic claim? 30 degrees? I cant get he loft others calim, I am thinking maybe 3 inches NOT 4 or more. I would love to hear from others on their thoughts of 10 oz of fill, and what that means. maybe I am a cold sleeper I am not sure at this point, I love the weight and packability, its half of my blue kazoo literally in all aspects, but... needing more data to confirm so this post is to be continued...