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Chad Mayes

Chad Mayes

Chad Mayes

Chad Mayeswrote a review of on January 18, 2010

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I was a little bit skeptical of these cause I'm not used to high backs but I'm glad I got them. I love them! Just like everyone else is saying, they are very light, don't pinch your feet, responsive and lots of support.

I'd also recommend getting them in purple if you can fit them. I get so many good remarks about them on the hill. Like a weird amount. Talk about an ego boost!

If I were to say only one thing I don't like about them, is that they can be a little bit of a pain to put on if you have big feet (I'm talking 12" or larger) even with a large set. Not a big deal though. Oh and also if you have a smaller board bag you might have a hard time fitting it in due to the high backs; that should be expected though.

Buy them!