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Charles R.

Charles R.wrote a review of on December 27, 2011

5 5

Have loved Arcteryx gear for a long time. And I bought this bag in no small part because, as the description notes, "Arcteryx designed this pack to fit precisely with the pali rope bag." As usual, Backcountry did a stellar job and delivered it right away.

Imagine my surprise when I can't find a pali bag online anywhere. So I called Arcteryx and was told (without a hint of irony) that yes, they aren't producing it any more. Or they might sometime in the future. But they might not. Hard to say, really, according to the rep. But they're planning to continue advertising this feature of the Miura. And keep the Pali in the catalog. Despite the fact that you can't buy one. And hey - no promises on whether they will ever choose to produce them again.


Thought Arxteryx was a cut above. Guess not.

(Note: the bag itself gets 5 stars. The customer service? Big fat zero.)