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SF Bay Area: anywhere within driving distance every wknd

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Hiking & Camping

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I live in the SF Bay Area during the week, and I go as far away as I can every weekend. I'm not a loner, I just like to travel.


Carlwrote a review of on March 19, 2009

5 5

I've tried out a lot of bigger skis with rocker, and I basically only bought these at the end of last season because I got such a great deal on em. What a good move I made! I now find myself taking these out everyday because they completely steam-roll anything I throw at em. Sure, if they were a little bigger underfoot they might be a little better in the uber-deep, but be honest, have you ever had a bad powder day? It's the five days following a storm where I want my ski to make me feel like a hero, and all the other new-shaped skis I've tried seem to quickly diminish my confidence once the high pressure rolls in. I've skied these in the Sierras, the Wasatch, and Interior BC, and they handle it all. They have they stiffness necessary for some big mountain lines, but the flexibility to spin around and positively rip switch. I'm 5'-8" and 165lbs and I ride the 185/6's. Remember, Rossi skis run short so buy big. And keep these puppies tuned or they will spank you...hard.