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Cameron Perry

Cameron Perry

Cameron Perry

Cameron Perrywrote a review of on March 30, 2019

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Familiarity: I returned this product before using it

I bought this net based on the reviews - hoping this would be something I could use as an all-around net, however it's clear to me that it's ideally aimed at boat and guide use. I put all my gear together at home and I tried so many ways to make the Lunker 24 work with my sling pack, but ultimately it was just too big for general use (unless maybe you're targeting species larger than rainbow and brown trout). I'm going to look into something smaller, like Brookie 10", or maybe another brand. I can't speak to the "can be used as a wading staff" claim, other than the net is long - 45 inches, or about chest-high. I suppose that could be helpful.

- Great quality
- Made in the USA
- Can be disassembled for traveling (eg, fit in a suitcase)
- Rubber basket

- The long handle, while very good for reach, would bump up against my calves
- It's a bit too big/heavy to be suspended using a net magnet.
- It doesn't quite fit well between my sling pack and my back - it made pulling it out too hard

What I would use it for (neither apply to me):
- Boat use - you need the extra reach
- Guiding - you'll have hands free to fiddle with getting it out, or at least carrying it

If you really need the long handle (eg for a boat) and you regularly catch fish bigger than trout, this net is for you. If you just need something to fish with, you might be happier with something a wee bit smaller like the Brookie models, or possibly