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Caleb Ward

Caleb Ward

Caleb Ward

Caleb Wardwrote a review of on November 30, 2011

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Every morning I wake up and put on this hoody (mine's chocolate). It is so furry, so sweet, so effing solid. I bike a couple miles to work in it down to 45 degrees F, and I often end up too hot. It's helmet even fits over the hood.

About the design: fur lining doesn't go down the sleeves, which is good because they would be too bulky. Amazing fur-lined front pockets. Heck, even the stash pockets are lined with some nice old t-shirt-type fabric. Shoulder seams are totally solid and good lines.

The only quirk is that the back of the hoody is a bit short...seems like it's more fashionable to show off your butt that way. I'm 6' and 170lbs, and large is the perfect size for me.

The only thing I can't vouch for is durability. I want a $200 hoody to last forever, and I've only had this thing for a month, so we shall see. The other downside is that you would expect a $200 hoody not to be made in China. At this level of quality, though, I'll take it.