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Caitlin Wolters

Caitlin Wolters

Southeastern Wisconsin, Devil's Lake, Kentucky

Caitlin Wolters's Passions

Hiking & Camping

Caitlin Wolters's Bio

Private pilot, foreign exchange student, and soon to be NOLS alumni. I rock climb, run, and lift avidly. It's my dream to someday climb the highest mountains in the world :)

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Caitlin Wolters

Caitlin Wolterswrote a review of on August 22, 2011

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Everyone at the local crag has these shoes, and eventually I broke and joined the club. They sized about half a size bigger than my street shoes to fit well. At first I thought I wouldn't like the toe strap, but so far has worked pretty well. They took some adjusting to get the strap to fit right, and to build up callouses around the straps and where the heel of the shoe rubs against the foot. A month in, they're super comfy and require little adjustment. One issue, there's a bit of extra strap left past the buckle that can drag on the ground. I cut the webbing shorter, and then folded it over itself. With a little sewing, was good as new.

Overall, great shoes. Plus, a great tan line to boot!