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CHF2MUTTwrote a review of on August 14, 2011

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I first saw the stands in a bike shop that had them for displaying new bikes, looked brilliant and easy to use. But the guys did not sell them nor could tell me where to get one! I ordered one on line, it is inexpensive and practical, just rack the bike, no more leaning on the car, the house brick-work, no risk of scratches....
But I have 2 negative comments:
- The contact spools are conical, but end with a cylinder where the tire contacts them. The pb is that the contact cylinder is wider than the tire, and the bike does not stand perfectly vertical. I think I will chop 1/8'' of each spool so that the tire gets ''pinched'' by the spools cones.
- Because it is made out of sheetmetal, the contact patches on the tires are ''razor'' thin, actually the thickness of the sheetmetal. I would want the tire to push on a flat surface (they could have bent the sheet metal to make a wider patch). BTW, you cannot store the bike in it, if the tire looses pressure, the bike may fall over.
Too bad, otherwise it would get 5 stars, I will have to get the missing 2 myself.