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Burtwrote a review of on July 28, 2010

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Recently purchased a Swell FG T-700 with carbon shaft 230 cm in length.

Bought this paddle because i wanted a top quality low angle touring paddle. Very light design, and the shaft is truly great quality. Purchased the three position snap button ferrule system to save weight. The ferrule had some play in it right out of the box. More play than I would like in a high end paddle. No play would be what I would expect. Aquabound would return if I paid freight, not practicle for me to spend another $ 40.00 to ship the product back.

The blade design I feel does not have enough bite
for a touring paddle. I also have a stingray with carbon shaft and ABX blades which I like much better.

I would not have bought this paddle if I had the opportunity to try it first. The cheaper and slightly heavier EagleRay carbon would likely have been a better choice. :(