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Bruce Carpenter

Bruce Carpenter

Eldorado Springs, CO

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Bruce Carpenter

Bruce Carpenterwrote a review of on December 23, 2011

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The Rant helmet is well made and has a sturdy feel to it. It doesn't feel cheesy like a lot of other helmets do. The profile is minimal and doesn't make your head look huge.

This helmet doesn't have any fit adjustments. I normally wear a medium helmet with my 57cm head but the medium Rant was uncomfortably tight after several minutes. The white colors also seem to show dirt easily. The outer shell has a rough texture that holds on to dirt.

The audio cable cannot be detached so it's just hanging around if you don't have your tunes plugged in.

If it fits and you're always jacked in to your music I'd recommend it. Otherwise check out the Phase or Rival helmets which are adjustable and have a removeable audio cable.



Bruce Carpenter

Bruce Carpenterwrote a review of on December 19, 2011

5 5

The Ultra-Sil Tarp Poncho is great for keeping your pack weight down. I use mine with a hammock in the summer. Instead of packing raingear a packcover and shelter the tarp poncho is all I need. The tarp coverage is adequate for mild weather but I'd want something larger if I expected to encounter more severe weather.

I keep one of the plain nylon versions in my truck for emergencies. I'd also recommend carrying one on day hikes as lightweight insurance in case you have to spend the night outside.