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Olympic Valley, CA


Brother_Jwrote a review of on January 29, 2009

5 5

OK, this board rocks. Not sure what the other guy is doing to 'bury' the nose but I have to think 'it's the indian, not the arrow' going on over there.

1) not bad at all on hard pack. took me a couple of runs to figure out how to ride it back oon the hard pack down by the lifts. you do a little more slashy/sliding turns then carve but once you figure it out you are golden.

2) it floats in pow from 3" to 3". no problems at all. i learned fwd on it in the pow and it stayed right on top of the snow. no burying the nose at all - i am 6' @ 185lbs.

3) it feels like a cadillac on the chopped up pow once people start crossing up all the powder. it must have air shocks hidden in the sidewalls somewhere ;)

i would say if you were up for it this board could replace your Fish (or tapered pow board) from your quiver. is that the best idea? probably not. i'll keep mine locked-n-loaded for days when we get 12"+ and use my Fish for the smaller dumps.

Overall this board gets 2 big thumbs up.