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Brookwrote a review of on December 1, 2011

Expensive Gamble
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I purchased these goggles December 2010 (the first year they are available) and I would like to say these are a cool toy. The idea of GPS integrated goggles is neat but so much is sacrificed for this one thing. To start off they have bad blind spots because they sit 1 1/8" off of your face. Its heavy and the weight hurt’s my nose. The two clips that hold the lens to the top of the chassis don't full lock, And lastly for having a heads up display, Zeal does a good job of making it hard to see the display because it is tucked way down in the corner so it "doesn’t obstruct the view" but that COMPLETELY DEFEATS THE PURPOSE. I don't like to mock this unit because so many other people are giving it rave reviews and there is something to be said about being the first of its kind, but for the money it is cheaper to get a GPS and a nice pair of normal goggles that perform better and feel better. I hope other have better luck than me and to finish I think these goggles are cool but with a little more research and development they will be much better.