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Brianwrote a review of on May 28, 2009

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These are ideal sunglasses in many ways. They have been good for driving, biking, hiking, skating, baseball, all in very sunny weather. The coatings are durable and the lenses dark, some of the darkest on the market. The waterproof coating has been useful. The form of the lenses and frames particularly help to cover the entire field of view, particularly well at the periphery, where many other sunglasses fail. The only drawback is that these frames are glossy, so the central part of the frame provides a significant amount of stray light. That is, when I look to the side, I see a lot of scattered light with my outside eye. That's just poor frame design--these should be available with a matte finish. Otherwise, the frames are rigid and seem durable. They frames are somewhat large for my face, so I might consider a smaller frame, even if it sacrifices coverage at the periphery.