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Brian Stark

Brian Stark

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Brian Stark

Brian Starkwrote a review of on July 21, 2010

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I carried this bag on a 600 mile run across Nebraska this summer. My pack was only 8 pounds with food and water so I needed minimal shelter and adequate warmth if the need arose. I carried a 5 x 8 Integral Designs Siltarp and matching sheet of Tyvek for a ground cloth. The bag did great on nights on couches when people took me in. The box stitching kept the down in place and helped restore loft as soon as it was out of the stuff sack. The 1/2 length zipper was adequate for getting in and out an obviously necessary when keeping a 35 degree bag's weight down to 16 oz! I'm a hair under 6' tall with medium build and the regular fit me fine, though larger people might want to upgrade to the larger size if you want some room inside. One night in a park campground when I slept through a raging thunderstorm under my tarp, the ground got saturated and I could feel moisture coming through the bag. I ditched the shelter at midnight and slept the rest of the night on the showerhouse floor on the shower curtain. I thought for sure the down had gotten wet and would be miserable but the loft was thick enough that I never felt the moisture and it was dry by morning. Excellent product!