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Brian Ladd

Brian Ladd

Brian Ladd

Brian Laddwrote a review of on February 3, 2009

5 5

Well, I almost hate to let it out there as I love being the only person on the mountain or in the backcountry with them, but these skiis are the sick.
Never before has such a big ski handled all the terrain so well. A true revolution in ski technology. I have always been a BD or atomic fan for my skis (I like them stiff) but my Kilowatts have not left the garage since I bought these. I have taken them up to B.C., toured the backcountry, and skied my mountain (Steamboat) and the only place they are not good it hardpack at high speeds. But who cares, they make QUICK turns in the trees and steeps, always find the surface in the crud and deep stuff, and have a very cool flex and feel. The softer tips and tails have some give and chance for recovery when your weight is off and doesn't shoot you off like a rocket at the nearest tree if you get in the backseat. It has made it all more fluid. I normally don't like Rossignol as the foam cores broke down for me too fast, but these are wood and my favorite ski ever.