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Brett Flora

Brett Flora

Bellingham, WA

Brett Flora's Bio

I'm a student at Western Washington University. I like to ride mountain bikes, something I picked up in Spring '08 thanks to a PE course. I love the outdoors. Camping, whether it is car or backpacking, is one of my favorite activities. If Backcountry or REI sold a cologne called "Camp Fire," I would buy it in bulk.

Brett Flora

Brett Florawrote a review of on September 16, 2008

3 5

These shorts are great. The outer short is full of pockets and more important comfortable and durable. So durable, in fact, on the side of a trail a log was sticking out and grazed my knee into the cargo of the shorts. They were no worse for the wear, my knee was another case. My beef with these shorts deals with the chamois liner, which is the reason these are probably at $90 instead of a healthy $50 or $60. The liner does the job and has the padding on the bottom, except it is not sturdy. I have larger thighs and buttocks (thank you, football), so I have more junk in my trunk than the average bear. The shorts fit great on me, in fact, they are a bit too big, I might return to get the size down, but the liner is small. Not only does the liner sit below the waist, it's not all that durable. Crucial seams on the waist line are already tearing and in the first wash the hook loop deals that fasten them to the shorts have torn off. Since the shorts themselves are so good, the liner being of equal or greater quality would seem logical. 5/5 stars for the shorts, 2/5 for the liner. Get these for the shorts if you must, you'll never need more than one, but buy a separate liner, these suck.