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Brenton Spendlove

Brenton Spendlove

Colorado Rockies

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Brenton Spendlove

Brenton Spendlovewrote a review of on March 19, 2013

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I've been using this for my everyday backpack for school and emptying it out and using it for backpacking many times over the last few years and I love it! It's very adjustable so it is easy to get comfortable especially with those big 'ol hip straps, in fact all the padding on this is huge, it's great! I have been able to hold everything I needed for up to 3 nights! And with some smart planning you go longer.

There are a couple of things I wish were a bit different:
The way the outer pockets are designed, they become almost useless with the main body full. It would be nice if they bulged a bit instead of being flush. Also at just over 3 pounds it's a bit heavy for my liking.
But even with that in mind it is still the best bag I've ever had