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Brent OKeefe

Brent OKeefe

Salt Lake City, UT

Brent OKeefe

Brent OKeefewrote a review of on July 25, 2012

4 5

First let me say that these are an amazing shoe with phenomenal grip and feel. I've been climbing with them since they first came out and I love them.
The only real issue I had with them is exactly what everyone else is saying. The sizing seems to be way off. I, like almost everyone else likes their climbing shoe a size or two small but these shoes are ridiculous. I bought my first pair off steep and cheap and after reading the complaints I decided to to with a size 9 1/2 because I usually go with a 9.
I got the shoes, they were way too small, so I returned them and tried for a size 10. (with no questions asked and no issues from back country) I got the 10's and they were still way too small! Fortunately for me, I live in Salt Lake so I was able to drive to Back country to try them on. I ended up trying on every size until a size 12 finally fit me, and that was still considerably tight on me.
I have multiple pairs of 5.10 climbing and approach shoes and I have never had an issue with sizing until these Hornets. Like I said, these are the best shoes I have climbed in but it took a lot of work to get the right set.

as far as the shoe itself goes, I give it four stars. But for the fitment, I have a hard time giving it one star.