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Brentwrote a review of on June 11, 2009

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This is a great kayak. I have done exhaustive research, gone on numerous kayak demo days and tried out about as many different kayaks that you can possibly try. I love to fish so a great fishing kayak was my goal. Initially I thought I would want a sit on top....that's what many, maybe most anglers down here in Florida use...well once I got into the Native Ultimate I knew this was the kayak for me. Tons of space for gear and storage, well made, great in the water, easy to rig as you see fit to meet your fishing and kayaking needs. I could not be happier with my Native Ultimate 12 purchase. PLUS as an added bonus was awesome in processing my order, making sure I understood what I had to do to receive my shipment of the kayak. packed the kayak very well and made the whole process easy and stress free. Great job to backcounty and if you are in the market for a great fishing kayak you can't go wrong with the Native Ultimate.