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Brent Bolen

Brent Bolen

Beckley WV (Winterplace, Snowshoe)

Brent Bolen's Bio

Well, i grew up riding giant hills on a farm close to my house when i was about 6. That's right, quarter mile uphill climbs in snow so deep that sometimes it was up to my chest, oh and its cold as hell so yeah. I'd get to the top and glide down in about a minute. Ofcourse, then truck right back up the hill and do it again and again and again. I didn't know anything about mountain resorts and parks and stuff until I turned 9. My Aunt bought me a pro snowboard from a local boardshop for my B-day and my mom and dad took me to the resort to try it out. Naturally i sucked and I never wanted to do it again, but I said i would stick with it and so i perservered until i was about 11 when i really started getting good. I was hitting grinds that some guys twice my age were still busting their ass trying to stick. 360s and 540s got pretty easy when i was 13 and i didn't get too rusty over the summer. When i was 14 i came right back during the winter and landed everything perfect with a few extra jibs and grabs.
Anyways, I'm 15 now and here's a short description of the gear i ride.

Board: Head (Transit)
Binding: Drake (50s; Black/Red accent)
Jacket: Burton (Traction; Mocha)
Pant: Burton (Cargo; White)
Boot: Burton (Tribute; Black)
Gloves: Dakine (?; Black/Plaid)
Beanie: Burton (?; Green/Logo)
Goggle: Smith (Prodigy; Digital)

That's about it. Ummm, gotta give Burton props Though. Everytime I try to buy something from DC or Foursquare or Nomis I always end up lookin at somethin new Burton put out. They're just one of those companies that i can't seem to complain about. Pretty flawless. Everything they make turns out pretty sick and good designs. So rock Burton. Alright I'm outtie.