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Braden Leonard

Braden Leonard

Braden Leonard

Braden Leonardwrote a review of on October 19, 2008

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These are definitely some comfortable boots especially at this price point. I have to disagree with just about everything the other reviewer said though.

The Ruler's are most definitely heat moldable, you can even check the Burton website ALL of the boots with this liner are. Even if you don't have the molding done at a shop they will still mold from your weight and body heat over th course of a day.

I am sized at an 11.5 on one of those foot measuring devices and I comfortably wear a 10.5 Ruler (Ion as well), these boots pack out A LOT, I strongly recommend ordering at least a 1/2 size smaller than usual(shoe size) or you will be getting heel lift after less than a week of heavy use.

As for the sock thing it really shouldn't be necessary to wear more than one pair. Invest in at least two pairs of tech socks like smartwool (or similar) and you'll be good for the season. You can probably find some pretty cheap(less than $15) on this site. Wearing 3 pairs of cheap cotton socks will make you sweat leading to cold, damp feet.

The speed zone lacing system is great. You can really dial in on both your forefoot and ankle area for a great customizable fit.

The shrinkage tech is great for guys like me right on the board width border. A full size smaller footprint means no more wide boards and no more heel/toe drag on reg widths, I'm rocking 2 254 mm WW boards this season which rocks!

All in all you really can't go wrong for the short money on these boots.