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Bobwrote a review of on May 10, 2010

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I recently purchased the North Face Docking Tent with the 4 and 2 person docks and the mesh insert. Up to the point I inserted the mesh insert this was an excellent tent. However, once the mesh was inserted this tent became just an average tent. I think the mesh design significantly reduces the overall interior space and the floor could have been better aligned next the side walls. I think North Face could have better designed the tent if they would have separated out the mesh insert into a traditional floor insert and used a traditional mesh door cover. The bathtub floor could have used zippers attached to the interior side walls. With a little modification by NF this tent could have been awesome meeting the needs of two different groups - one that wants a covered space for recreational use and does not mind no floor covering and the other group that wants more of a traditional tent with floor and mesh walls. If you are not interested in the mesh insert, I would give this tent a 5 however, if the mesh insert is important to you, it gets a 3.