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BlakersenStarshipwrote a review of on March 28, 2019

My wife and I love our tent
5 5

Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

My wife and I got this tent last year so that we could easily pack everything up and get going no matter where we are. We have taken it through Nevada, California, Oregon, Southern Utah and Colorado over the past year.

The overall construction of the tent has been pretty good and it has held up to some very high wind situations in Southern Utah, a couple rain storms and some high heat conditions. The fabric on the tent has held up quite well through our first season and I expect much of the same going forward. It seems to breath fairly well and during the heat of the summers it is really nice to have a little fan going to provide some extra air when needed.

It is fairly stable when folded out but I have found that it works best if you tie down the side that hangs out over the side or rear of your vehicle. If you get higher winds coming in it can push the platform up. I typically just tie down to the rear tow hook on my Jeep.

The mattress that it comes with is a decent mattress. Certainly more comfortable than your standard padding but it should be noted that as the temperatures get cooler the memory foam tends to get a little stiff. Not typically an issue during the summer but early spring / late fall it can be quite firm once you start getting evening temperatures in the 40s. We have added a layer of egg shell foam to have a little more plush sleeping.

It is fairly easy to deploy and put it away. I find that it typically takes about five minutes to setup and probably 10 to put away primarily because of the height of my vehicle. We have a Jeep Wrangler so at times I find myself climbing up on the roof to tuck the shell and rainfly in .

Easy setup and quick deployment
More comfortable than your standard sleeping pad
Terrain doesn't matter as long as it is level you can park it on rocks
No worries about flooding in during rain
Plenty of additional addons and features from Tepui
The skylights are amazing to have open to fall asleep to.
Durable and has held up in some fairly difficult conditions. Super sturdy in the wind and didn't budge at all while regular tents were getting blown around or flattened

Being higher up does leave you more susceptible to the wind and at first can be unnerving. This isn't usually much of an issue if you're in a more forested area but out in the desert where the wind blows a little harder it takes some getting used to.
Price is certainly higher than your average tent. It has however gotten my wife out more frequently to enjoy the outdoors and that is worth it to me.
Getting up and down in the middle of the night is a little more difficult than your average tent
It mentions being a 3 person tent but it can be a bit cramped depending on how you typically sleep or overall size of people in the tent

Overall we are very happy with our purchase and look forward to many more adventures with each other and our kids.




BlakersenStarshipwrote a review of on November 6, 2018

Good product and very convenient
5 5

Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I was provided this product by Backcountry to review but the opinion is my own.

I have had this product for a little over three weeks. During that time I have used it quite extensively while out hiking, just around town or if I feel like getting a little work done in a more remote location. I feel that when comparing these types of batteries most ones you will find will function similarly and what differentiates them typically is the size, features and what the manufacturer will includes with the product. In this case the Goal Zero Sherpa 40 comes with three cables out of the box for charging USB-C, Lightning and Micro USB. This will covers most of my current devices be it Apple or Android.

I have to say that my favorite feature of this battery has to be the slots on both the top and the bottom that can hold two of the cables that come with it. They are held it with a magnet on one side and what I assume is pressure on the other. It was fairly firmly held and I haven't lost a cable through any use. I was able to get rid of some clutter in my bag with extra cables with this alone. This convenience has made it more likely that I carry an extra battery with me so I can charge my camera or phone on the go. I have even used it to trickle charge my Macbook Pro when I knew I would just need a little extra to finish some things off. It should be noted that it by no means is able to keep up with the battery drain of the laptop but has allowed me to eek out a little extra charging when I'm a little off the grid. The capacity of the battery is fairly reasonable and will charge my phone or camera several times over and maybe 1.5 charges on my iPad.

While I do enjoy the form factor of the battery when I am carrying a bag it is a little cumbersome if you want to try to carry it on it's own or place it in your pants or jacket pocket. The battery does measure almost 8 inches in height and I found it typically will still be exposed out of the top of my pockets. Thankfully the thin profile makes this a little better. Using the battery while charging a device is by no means a difficult feat, it is however a little cumbersome. Though this can be solved using a longer cable and putting it in a pocket. It should be noted that the cables that it comes with are about 4 inches in length as well. In this case about two thirds of the cables are dedicated to the USB connectors. While this is understandable it should be noted that they don't have a whole lot of flexibility in comparison to a longer cable so I found I typically had to either just charge it while in my bag or off to the side. I would make the trade off of the flexibility of the cable any day for the convenience of always having one with the battery.

Overall, I found this is a battery I would recommend just on the convenience factor alone. It's a battery and it does it's job well but I feel like Goal Zero did a great job of differentiating itself with the slots on the top and bottom that allow it to carry cables. I also like that it came with the three main cables most users would need, this can save a bit of money as you don't have to purchase extra cables. It has become my goto battery to carry with me everywhere and I am fairly happy with the product.