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The Pacific Northwest!

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I'm not an expert at anything, but an intermediate at a lot of things.

Billy Cundiff

Billy Cundiffwrote a review of on February 27, 2013

Very good for the price.
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The best part is this tent is very easy to set up, as is most tents of this style. But this includes a footprint, where others usually do not. I used this in the Enchantment Lakes area near Leavenworth, WA. We had camp set up in a pretty windy spot. Although the tent flapped in the wind real bad the first night, it held up just find. The second night, I pulled the guy-lines out a little bit tighter and it was much better. Not a bad weight, but it is kind of a small tent. I have used this twice with a partner, and the rest have just been solo hikes. While I usually am alone in this tent, the size is not much of an issue. But for two people, it may be a little snug. I have never had a problem with condensation, not while summer hiking nor spring mountaineering. And have never used it in heavy rain, so I cannot comment on that.