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Bill O.

Bill O.

The heart of it all, Ohio

Bill O.'s Bio

Just a average joe, I love the outdoors. Also somewhat of a prepper, so any excuse I can use to be outside, playing in the woods I'm there.

Bill O.

Bill O.wrote a review of on April 24, 2012

Was just what I was looking for
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This set was just what I was looking for. I looked at many different cook sets, the Pinnacle was just the right size. Also didn't have the extra bells and whistles that some other brands gimmick like a (useless) frying pan lid. Really who can use one of those... It's anodized aluminum so the heat transfer is superb and the coating is extremely durable. I use mine to cook over my Nova+ stove and even over open flame just be careful of the silicone coating on the handles it will singe if the flames get too close.

The included spork leaves some to desire. It's a bit flimsy, tho it does stow in the pot nicely. I took mine out of the set the day I got it and haven't used it since.

The bowl in my opinion is a little excessive. I haven't actually used mine, as I eat and drink right out of the pot to save on cleaning up dishes, I do keep the bowl in the kit as it's very lightweight. The lid snaps on and the insulating ring is easily removed for cleaning. I merely keep it in the kit incase someone else needs a bowl to use. I'm yet to use it in the field.

My biggest gripe with this set is the lack of markings on the pot for measuring liquids. There are graduations on the bowl, tho they are extremely hard to see. I thought about denting the pot at several different levels such as 1, 1.5,2 cups but have since decided to make notches on my spork instead. I place my spork in the pot and fill the water till it reaches the marking I need, then remove it. Works like a charm, but still a bit annoying.