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BigFootwrote a review of on July 27, 2010

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Soooo.... this is the best fitting boot EVER, but there's a twist: THEY DON'T FIT MOST WOMEN'S BINDINGS!! (read: this review is only for my size boot 8.5.....I can't speak for other sizes)

I have really long and narrow feet with my second toe shorter than my big toe. These boots pack just enough even after the first trip to the mountain. I got them so my big toe was touching the front of the boot in the store (8.5 for me) and now they are perfect. This was the very last double boas I tried on---- I wanted K2s but I couldn't even get my foot into them. Total Cinderella's stepsister moment.

The Van's are true to their skateboarding roots...the bottoms are completely thick and squared off like a skate shoe. Cute concept, but this makes them not fit most women's bindings.

I have an 8.5 shoe so I go with M/L bindings. So far they do not fit:

*Flows (binding too small in the back)
*Unions (fits in the back, but binding is too small up front)
*K2 cinch

These boots made last season really frustrating! Who makes a boot that fits so perfect, but doesn't fit bindings?!

So after exhausting REI's very forgiving return policy, they do fit Ride Contraband and 2010 sigma MVMNT....

**Don't get a male binding to compensate for width...even with the smalls, the highbacks will kill your calves.
**Don't get a bigger women's binding if available because you may find that it will be too long for your board.
**Take your boot to a tangible store if possible and fit the boot inside whatever binding of interest. If you have to push hard or struggle to get the boot in, move on....a too tight binding will kill the integrity of your boot.

Good luck and buyer beware of bigfoot!!!